PhantomJS 2.1 Release Notes

PhantomJS 2.0 was released on January 23, 2015. It came with an updated WebKit library based on Qt 5.3.

Note 1: PhantomJS 2.0 is the first release in the 2.x. It has several regressions compared to the previous 1.9 release.

Note 2: This release note will be updated with more information in the coming days/weeks.

Updated Qt and WebKit

This release, and the upcoming 2.x series, is different that PhantomJS 1.x since it switches the core implementation to use Qt 5 to get a more modern base platform, as well as to have an updated WebKit module.

Removal of CoffeeScript support

PhantomJS 2 can not run scripts written in CoffeeScript anymore (see issue 12410). As a workaround, CoffeeScript users can still compile their scripts to JavaScript first before executing it with PhantomJS.

Known issues

(To be populated later)

Regression compared to PhantomJS 1.x

Note: If you encounter more regression, please file a bug on PhantomJS issue tracker and label it as Regression. Please search the issue tracker first to make sure the problem has not been reported yet.

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